Perfect Your Morning & Nighttime Routine

Get your life organised, feel more productive and make the most of every day


Girl, does any of this sound familiar?

All-or-nothing. You’re either doing your routine perfectly… or you’re not doing it at all. No matter how motivated and excited you feel at the start, it’s never long until you’re scrolling through your phone in bed again.

Stuck in a rut. You listen to motivational podcasts, read self-help books and follow inspiring instagram accounts - yet you can’t seem to move yourself forward. Your life feels like an exhausting mess and you don’t know how to get it back together.

Not reaching your potential. Even though you have doubts and a procrastination habit to boot, you’re ambitious and *know* you’re capable of more. Deep down, you believe you could be as successful as the people you admire but don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Never finishing what you start. Your life looks perfect from the outside but it never feels that way behind the scenes. You’ve tried almost every routine on Pinterest and yet you still can’t follow your perfectly-laid plans for more than a few weeks.

Craving guidance. You’re ready to reach your full potential and work best when you have a clear, customisable plan to follow. You want an inspiring mentor to show you where you’ve been going wrong and give you judgement-free support.

Ready to become your best self. Nothing sounds better to you than starting and ending each day with a series of inspiring success habits. You understand the power of routine and just need someone to help you create one you can stick with.

Did you nod your head to any of that?

You're in exactly the right place!


Make the most of every day and stop your best years from slipping through your fingers.

Be insanely productive and go to bed knowing you got everything done with time to spare.

Feel confident you'll follow your plans even when you’re doing something new or scary

Stop procrastinating on your dreams and reach your full potential.

Feel like your life is organised and be more intentional with your time.

Easily achieve your goals and effortlessly improve your life every single day.

Introducing the workshops you've been waiting for...


How you start and finish your day matters. If you want to be more productive, feel organised and achieve your goals then optimising your morning and nighttime routine is the best place to start. That’s why I’m teaching two practical and inspiring workshops to help you perfect both!

Whether you already have some routines or you have no routine at all, this two-part workshop series will help you get your life organised, feel more productive and make the most of every day. Created for an ambitious woman like you, these workshops will guide you through a complete step-by-step process that’ll create a solid foundation for success.

With me there to simplify the whole process, answer your burning questions and help you avoid common mistakes, it’s never been easier to create your perfect morning and nighttime routine - ones you can actually stick to. Let's get started!



This two-part workshop series will be the answer to your prayers. These workshops will be a beautiful blend of practical and realistic advice, thought-provoking journaling prompts and customisable step-by-step instructions.

Designed to take the overwhelm out of personal development, Perfect Your Morning & Nighttime Routine will help you create a solid foundation to become your best self. With lifetime access to the workshop recordings making it possible to learn and grow at your own convenience, you’ll finish these workshops feeling more motivated than you’ve ever felt before.


A successful day starts the night before - that’s why we’ll be kicking off with the Perfect Your Nighttime Routine workshop. In this 90 minute workshop you’ll learn:

✔ My customisable step-by-step process to create a powerful nighttime routine

✔ The secret to getting to bed early without sacrificing ‘me time’

✔ The easiest and most powerful habits to include in your nighttime routine

✔ How to avoid the biggest nighttime routine mistakes that ambitious women make

✔ My personal nighttime routine formula and the habits I swear by

✔ How to stay consistent with your nighttime routine when you're all-or-nothing

✔ The answers to the most important nighttime routine questions

And more!


In the 90 minute Perfect Your Morning Routine workshop, you’ll learn:

✔ How to wake up on your alarm even when you don’t feel like it

✔ The real reason you haven't been able to stick to a morning routine (yet!)

✔ My customisable step-by-step process to create a powerful morning routine

✔ My favourite morning routine habits and whether to include them in your routine too

✔ How to remove stress and overwhelm from your morning routine

✔ How to stay motivated to stick to your morning routine

✔ Common morning routine mistakes and the best ways to avoid them

✔ The answers to the most important morning routine questions

✔ And more!

You’ll have lifetime access to the workshop recording so you can watch whenever you’re ready.

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Hi, I'm Sam! I'm a mindset coach, founder of and host of The Perfectionism Project - one of the top self-help podcasts on iTunes.

I’m SO excited to be teaching you how to optimise your morning and nighttime routines. Investing time in creating powerful bookends for my day has made all the difference, and I can't wait to show you exactly how to do it!


I’m not a morning person, should I still do this?!

If it helps, think of your morning routine more as a ‘wake up’ routine. Your routine doesn’t need to happen early in the morning for it to be completely and utterly life-changing.

What if I’ve already tried every routine on Pinterest and just keep abandoning them?

That means this two-part workshop series will be perfect for you! I’ve designed this workshop for someone who’s tried every routine before and hasn’t found anything that works. In fact, if you’re in this workshop I’m assuming that you’ve already spent at least a few hours trying to figure this out for yourself.

What if I already have a morning and nighttime routine?

If you’re an infinite learner like me, you know there’s always something else you can discover. Even just one new piece of advice could help you save hours of time each week - and you’re bound to get dozens new insights! This workshop is designed to not only help someone start a routine from scratch, but also to help you optimise a routine that’s already good or even great!

Are these workshops live?

The workshops are pre-recorded but they were originally held live so it’ll feel like you were there! You’ll get instant access to both workshops as soon as you sign up. Everything will be there for you whenever you’re ready for it and you can watch the workshops as many times as you need!

I’m so busy at the moment, how am I going to find the time to do this?

If you’re struggling with time management, investing a couple of hours in perfecting your morning and nighttime routine is *exactly* what you need to do. But if you’ve really got a lot on your plate right now, you can watch the workshop recordings when you’re ready.

How long will I have access to the workshops?

Your lifetime, literally. Though the longer you wait to optimise your routines, the longer you delay your dream life - so I don’t recommend putting it off for too long!

What will I need?

Just the desire to get your life together and an internet connection. If you don’t have access to a printer you’ll still be able to read the workbook online.

How much will it cost?

It is one investment of $47 USD and you’ll get instant access to everything you'll need to create your perfect morning and night routine.But really, a better question is how much will it cost you NOT to do these workshops?

What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in your local currency via Paypal, debit card or credit card. The price is in USD.

How much time will I need?

Each workshop is 90 minutes and you won’t need additional time to plan your routines as we’ll be doing all of this together. As you’ll have access to the workshop recordings, you can always watch one workshop across multiple days if you’d prefer - but you’ll probably feel so inspired that you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching it all at once!

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Perfect Your Morning & Nighttime Routine is a two-part workshop. The power of these workshops will compound on each other and leave you feeling more motivated and organised than ever before.

When your daily bookends are optimised, everything else in your day feels so much easier! It's one investment of $47 USD and you’ll get instant access to everything. This will help you create an unshakeable foundation for your life.

Be the girl who created her dream life

Think about what you want your life to look like one year from now. Do you have a plan to make it happen? Do you have the mindset to get there? If you don’t have a strong foundation for your day, you won’t reach your full potential - that’s just the reality.

If you want to create your dream life, Perfect Your Morning & Nighttime Routine is the two-part workshop series you need to make it happen. Click the button below to join now and take the next step towards your potential!